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Either for gastronomy, hotel industry, an evening with friends in your home kitchen or your family birthday party: edlesgrün® tastes pure, freshening (best icy cold) and offers numerous possibilities to be combined with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

SOPHISTICATED PLEASURE – mixed or pure on the rocks

Elegantly (& internationally) combined

The natural color of edlesgrün® is not only perfect for the mixing with numerous drinks, but also offers – in its pure way – a very special alternative to prosecco- or champagne receptions. For alcoholic combinations vodka, gin, campari or bourbon whisky are good company; however, German Jägermeister, Spanish Hierbas,American Southern Comfort or Italian Prosecco are perfect as well. No boundaries for your edlesgrün® fantasies!

Should you prefer your drink without alcohol, simply enjoy edlesgrün® pure and directly out of the tin, on ice with slices of lime and/or leaves of mint. The natural combination of elderflower, acerola, green tea and citrus fruits sum up to a pleasant fresh and cautiously sweet basis. Based on this, your edlesgrün® fantasies have no boundaries!

Our tip for your pure pleasure:
Simply use frosted fruits instead of ice cubes!

noble Campari

edlesgrün® and Campari

4/5 cup edlesgrün®
1/5 cup Campari
2 orange slices

noble champagne

edlesgrün® meets champagne

1/2 cup edlesgrün®
1/5 cup champagne
3 lime wedges
2 mint leaves

noble vodka

edlesgrün® meets vodka

3/4 cup edlesgrün®
1 shot vodka
3 thick lime slices

noble rum

edlesgrün® and brown rum

3/4 cup edlesgrün®
1 shot brown rum
5 lime wedges

noble Spaniard

edlesgrün® meets Spanish Hierbas

3/4 cup edlesgrün®
1 shot Hierbas

noble hunter

edlesgrün® meets Jägermeister

4/5 cup edlesgrün®
1/5 cup Jägermeister

noble Comfort

edlesgrün® meets Comfort

3/4 cup edlesgrün®
1 shot Southern Comfort

noble gin

edlesgrün® meets gin

3/4 cup edlesgrün®
1 shot gin
lime slices

noble Prosecco

edlesgrün® meets sparkling Prosecco

1/2 cup edlesgrün®
1/5 cup Prosecco
4 lime wedges
3 mint leaves

For the toast
Sparkling with Prosecco or champagne


Due to its refreshing taste, edlesgrün® creates an excellent combination with Prosecco or champagne.

The interaction of natural ingredients and sparkling Prosecco and champagne is perfect for a toast on special occasion – delicious with fresh limes and a bit of mint served on the rocks.


For party nights
Sophisticated appearance at the bar

Thanks to its bright and subtle colour as well as a fresh taste edlesgrün® has become a popular ingredient of cocktails during long nights.

Discover an entirely new taste experience by combining it with Jägermeister, Southern Comfort or Campari. Gin, vodka and bourbon whiskey are also a great mix choices. Add a little bit of ice and you can turn night into day.

Refreshment and pleasure
Pleasure moments without alcohol


Who says that you have to mix edlesgrün® with another drink? For all those who love mixed drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails, juicy spritzers or lemonades edlesgrün® is just the right thing.

Our new soft drink contains 100% natural ingredients and is characterized by a pleasant champagne-hued look. That is why it is a great alternative for toasts or simply a pleasure for those who do not drink alcohol.

Pleasure – pure or mixed

noble combinations


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