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The beginning. The idea was to create a new lifestyle drink in the premium segment that could fill the gap between various lemonades, cola variations and energy drinks.

On the agenda of the brand development plan, there was a “green can”, the content of which would consist purely of natural ingredients and, “naturally”, without any artificial additives. At the same time, the can had to have a noble look and represent a well-rounded concept along with its new brand name. The aim was also to incorporate the word “edel”, which in German stands for “noble” and from which the trademark „edlesgrün“ (literally “noble green”) originated.

nobly refreshing

The implementation. The recipe was developed in the region of South Tyrol, there, where also most of its ingredients grow naturally and can be processed across a short transport route. After several test weeks, as it were, the ingredients list emerged together with a unique taste owing to the elderflower, citrus fruit, acerola and green tea.

In order to obtain a reviving and refreshing drink at the same time, we decided to add the natural caffeine-rich Guarana that is well-known for its pleasant effect. Our priority was still NOT to produce an energy drink. Simultaneously, the negotiations with can manufacturers and beverage bottling companies were running.

Currently, we are negotiating with renowned caterers, event producers and hotels that all see opportunities for this innovative drink and are highly interested in introducing with edlesgrün® a genuine novelty to their drink menu.

Because of the fact that edlesgrün® can be also enjoyed as an excellent ingredient of cocktails in combination with e.g. gin, prosecco or vodka, our catering partners are already creating new cocktail variations on the basis of our champagne-hued drink. At the moment, edlesgrün® is offered in a noble shaped 250 ml slim line can.

Thanks to partnerships with drink wholesalers, we are also already able to deliver edlesgrün® everywhere.


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